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Deposite Misunderstading

Started by shahjahan7 2020-01-12 at 14:01
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Dear Admin,
Do not mind that there has been a slight misunderstanding, I had deposite 27$ Litecoin to two times.Again I said that "I HAD DEPOSITE 27$ LITECOIN IN TWO (2) TIMES".But I received 27$ litecoin only 1 time,But didn't get a 27$ Litecoin 2nd time.

The first one I received 27$ Litecoin that's Coinpayments transaction Id is.......

The transaction ID of this payment is: CPEA2VNBEYVWNVOPMSJ0UJX5US ( I GOT THIS 27$ LITECOIN )
But the 2nd time I made a deposite of 27$ Litecoin again,..I DIDN'T GET THIS 27$ LITECOIN that's Coinpayments transaction Id is.....
The transaction ID of this payment is: CPEA37B454T17F8A529V0OZP7D ( I DIDN'T GET THIS 27$ LITECOIN )
Dear Admin,Please understand me better then send me 27$ Litecoin as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
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Your issue has already being solved from your support ticket.

Best regards,
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