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Steeping down from platinum monthly to gold monthly

Started by VladoUmlenski 2019-03-24 at 11:24
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Maintaining my platinum monthly account seem hard with my investing power at the moment .
I want to step down to gold monthly.
1. Is it allowed here?
2. Is there a referral loosing fee, I can't seem to find answer to that?

Thank You
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yes you can step down to gold monthly, firstly you have to expire platinum membership and theres no any fee for expire of rr..
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may be he mean RR who still have long time for due date what will happen to them , as ex : platinum with 1100 RR is not allowed to have more than 1000 RR If he went to gold , so what will happen to the extra 100 if all referral have more than 1 day to expire , me too want to know , because it seem we all need to step down if AVG continue to drop day after day and I hope it will not.

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