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Happy birthday Optimalbux

Started by yasophy 2019-01-11 at 05:38
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i have 2 years in the world of PTC i joined every possible PTC site i can which has good reputation or i appear to but all were gone i was an investor in about 10 sites i invested more than 2000 $ but no result i closed all sites no longer working with any except optimalbux which i respect most this admin is a man of one word with ethics who respect the investor well and the calculations said that it's the best PTC with return more than 30 % of your invested money no legal business can do that monthly
i have gold membership with 1000 RR but today i will invest most i will get another 1000 RR with the diamond membership but i have a question for the diamond membership can i rent 1000 RR one shot .
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I agree, Optimalbux is great

You cannot rent 1000 refs in one shot.
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