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AVG is very low !!!

Started by valernik 2019-02-08 at 00:43
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Admin, what happens to my RR? !! Why are my RR clicks constantly decreasing? AVG 5.9 !!! This is a catastrophe!!! My RR does not earn anything !!! Why is there such a problem on my account? On my upgrade Gold 30 days AVG should be the same as other members !!! Why does AVG fall every day? Recycle does not solve the problem !!! New RR come with 6 clicks !!! Why was everything normal before, and now such horror? Support does not respond to my tickets !!! Admin, solve this problem, please !!! Admin, help me !!!
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Did you try to rent new RR ? If they have high avg you now what to do.
Or 1 year extend.
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What do you mean? The AVG is good for me:

What is your recycle strategy?

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